News | June 4, 2019

H2O Innovation Secures Five New Projects Totalling $4.7M, Including A Pilot For The Los Angeles County Sanitation District

H2O Innovation Inc. (“H2O Innovation” or the “Corporation”) is proud to announce it was awarded five (5) new projects in North America, including two (2) in Texas. These new contracts, worth $4.7M, will bring the Corporation’s project sales backlog to $48.6M, and the consolidated sales backlog (including the O&M contracts) to $135.7M.

H2O Innovation was selected to supply a 3-train FiberFlexTM ultrafiltration/microfiltration (UF/MF) and 3-stage nanofiltration (NF) pilot for the Los Angeles County Sanitation District (LACSD) to be used for operator training. The Corporation has sold multiple FiberFlexTM UF/MF pilots to California agencies and leased similar equipment to numerous customers throughout the United States and Canada. “H2O Innovation is the pioneer of open platform systems for hollow fiber membrane filtration and membrane bioreactor (MBR) systems with our FiberFlexTM and flexMBRTM technologies. We have taken this open platform UF/MF concept to the pilot scale where our FiberFlexTM pilot units are the most flexible and advanced pilots available. Our pilots allow testing of one, two or three similar or different membrane models to be tested simultaneously and at similar or different operating parameters (i.e. flux, recovery, etc.). FiberFlexTM pilots reduce piloting costs, complexity and effort by reducing the number of companies involved, contract negotiations, space requirements, support staff, electrical/mechanical installation, training and hazardous chemical locations”, stated David Faber, Vice President – Capital Equipment Sales of H2O Innovation.

H2O Innovation was additionally awarded two (2) municipal projects in Texas. The first one, dedicated to a private developer in Texas, is for a packaged plant membrane bioreactor (MBR) system, treating 100,000 GPD (378.5 m3/day) of wastewater effluents. This system capacity is expandable to 390,000 GPD (1,476.3 m3/day). The second project is for the expansion of a reverse osmosis (RO) system. The Corporation will add two (2) RO trains to the existing system in order to treat 5.0 MGD (18,927 m3/day).

Finally, the Corporation won two (2) industrial RO projects, one (1) in Calgary (Canada) and another in Arizona. The Calgary project consists of a double pass RO system and a 3000 bbl treated water storage tank. The treated water is for amine make-up water. The Arizona project will use two (2) RO trains designed by H2O Innovation, at 0.3 MGD (1,136 m3/day) per train, to treat well water for chloride reduction in a mining application.

About H2O Innovation
H2O Innovation designs and provides state-of-the-art, custom-built and integrated water treatment solutions based on membrane filtration technology for municipal, industrial, energy and natural resources end-users. The Corporation’s activities rely on three pillars which are i) water & wastewater projects, and services; ii) specialty products, including a complete line of specialty chemicals, consumables and specialized products for the water treatment industry; and iii) operation and maintenance services for water and wastewater treatment systems. For more information, visit

Source: H2O Innovation