News | March 2, 2023

H2O Innovation And The WateReuse Association Create A Beer Made From Purified Recycled Water

Quebec City – (TSX: HEO) – H2O Innovation Inc. (“H2O Innovation” or the “Corporation”) is proud to sponsor a beer developed in collaboration with Fox City Brewing made with purified recycled water from Las Virgenes Municipal Water District (LVMWD). Attendees of the 2023 WateReuse Symposium will be offered the opportunity to taste the beer, which is called Revival Lager. The event will be held in Atlanta, GA, from March 5th through the 8th, 2023.

On Sunday, March 5, 2023, the WateReuse Association will host a Welcome Reception for hundreds of water professionals, during which attendees can taste the eco-friendly beer. This beer, which was brewed in Forsyth, is a first for the State of Georgia, which, like several other States, recycles many things, but very little water. The beer’s name signifies that the water used as its main ingredient was granted a second life, and the project is intended to stress the importance of sustainability in the way we use, and reuse, one of the world’s most precious resource: water.

The recycled water comes from the LVMWD’s water reuse demonstration facility in California, the Pure Water Project Las Virgenes – Triunfo, where H2O Innovation supplied the ultrafiltration (UF) and reverse osmosis (RO) treatment systems in 2020. This project is part of a Joint Powers Authority (JPA) between LVMWD and the Triunfo Water and Sanitation District. The RO and UF systems used to treat the water in such an advanced purification facility meet the highest quality standards and produce an extremely pure water.

Instead of continuing to treat water from the JPA’s Tapia Water Reclamation Facility as a waste product, the JPA will beneficially reuse it as a local sourced drinking water supply. Nearly 20% of the regions water needs will be met because of this project. Closing the sustainability loop is part of the collective strategy and principle to find solutions that meet the intersection between human progression and environmental integrity. “The Pure Water Project Las Virgenes – Triunfo is the future of water for our region, which has solely relied upon a single source of water – the California State Water Project – to quench the thirst of our communities, stated Dave Pedersen, General Manager and Administering Agent of JPA. With climate change and erratic weather patterns becoming the new normal, we formed a stakeholder driven partnership with community partners to find a solution that benefits the entire region, this project does just that.”

“Water is the biggest element to making beer, and a perfect water profile is integral to making great beer. Because it was treated with reverse osmosis, which removes pretty much all dissolved matters, this purified water makes a great clean slate with which to build the proper water profile for any type of beer. Its very pure taste allows us to then use our craftmanship to build the beer with a much better accuracy every time,” said Chris Bump, Head Brewer of Fox City Brewing Co., who plans to also make the Revival Lager available for tasting at his brewery.

“We have been supplying the technologies to recycle water and convert it into drinking water for decades. When this purified water gets converted into a delicious craft beer, it draws public attention. People are inclined to try it, even knowing it came from wastewater. It is a really creative way to increase awareness and public acceptance of potable water reuse,” added Guillaume Clairet, Chief Operating Officer of H2O Innovation.

“Water reuse is a proven solution for safe, reliable, and resilient drinking water supply in communities around the world. The Annual WateReuse Symposium is our chance to showcase the latest in recycled water, such as the processes that allowed the fabrication of this eco-friendly beer,” said Patricia Sinicropi, Executive Director of WateReuse Association.

About the WateReuse Association
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