News | November 19, 2015

Ground/Water Treatment & Technology, LLC Announces Expansion Of Dewatering Division Into New England

The New Jersey-based remediation/treatment company will now provide an all-in-one alternative to hiring multiple companies in the New England area.

Wharton, NJ (PRWEB) - Ground/Water Treatment & Technology, LLC (GWTT) is excited to announce the expansion of their year-old dewatering division services into the New England area. GWTT has long been known for their excellent environmental remediation and groundwater treatment services in the New York City tri-state area, but entered the construction dewatering market there as well in 2014 due to the increasing demand and logical fit within the company.

Now, after a commitment to developing and training staff personnel in their New England locations, they are looking forward to providing these additional dewatering services along with their standard environmental remediation and groundwater treatment services already in place there.

"We’re very excited to be able to expand our services to our customers in the New England region," said Robert Kunzel, Ground/Water Treatment and Technology, LLC CEO in a statement. "We can assure our customers that the work will be done in a professional manner, correctly, the first time."

The success of the recent dewatering operations in the tri-state area made it clear that not only were these services in demand, but can make entire projects easier and more convenient to handle. Instead of having to go through two different companies, one for dewatering and one for remediation/treatment, customers can save time and money by having all the work done by one entity.

The company's new capabilities allow them to install, operate, and maintain both systems throughout the course of a project. This eliminates the problems commonly associated with having two different companies interacting in such a close way.

The New England Dewatering Division will be headed by long-time employee Sam Gilfilian, under regional manager Joe Landyn, along with oversight and support from Kunzel.

Being a technology-based company, they've even been able to develop new industry equipment that’s unique and offers significant cost savings to the end user. So far, feedback has been overwhelmingly positive from existing customers, and further evidenced by the increase in entirely new ones.

By offering dewatering services in the New England area, GWTT hopes to improve upon its position at the top of the industry by providing quality services in the most efficient, convenient, and cost-effective way possible.

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