Brochure | December 19, 2013

Green Coconut Shell Activated Carbon Brochure

Source: Jacobi Carbons Inc.

While coconut shell activated production is very "green", there are differences in how the raw material, coconut shell charcoal, is produced prior to activation. Most coconut charcoal is produced in open pits or open drums using primitive charring techniques that emit large quantities of CO2 and unburned methane directly to the atmosphere. Jacobi is committed to the greener, more advanced, charcoal production technique of closed pit charring. Closed pit charcoal production allows complete hydrocarbon combustion and the heat released is used to replace that previously produced from other fuels. The vast majority of Jacobi's coconut shell activated carbon and 100% of the production from our wholly-owned facility in India utilizes charcoal from sources using this advanced closed pit charring technology. This reduces the release of methane gas to the atmosphere by over 2,000 MT per year (the equivalent of 42,000 MT of CO2)