Coconut Shell Activated Carbon: A Green Technology

Source: Jacobi Carbons Inc.

At Jacobi Carbons, we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously.  We are the only coconut shell carbon manufacturer with the foresight to have attained ISO 14001, the only globally accepted standard for environmental management. With the commitment of our entire organization we have been able to achieve the delicate balance addressed by the standard of maintaining profitability while reducing environmental impact.

The vast majority of activated carbon produced today is made from non-renewable fossil fuel sources such as bituminous coal, lignite coal and peat. These types of raw materials can be up to 400 million years old. The production of 1 metric ton (MT) of standard coal based activated carbon releases about 6 MT of CO2 per MT of activated carbon produced. The production of coconut shell instead fixes the CO2 that would have been released from the natural decay of the coconuts as a solid, preventing its release to atmosphere, sequestering the CO2.