Godwin Dri-Prime Backup System (DBS™)


The Godwin Dri-Prime Backup System (DBS) provides peace-of-mind as the ideal contingency plan for pump stations.

The DBS provides independently-powered backup pumping in one dependable package for a variety of emergency situations. It is ideal for areas prone to hurricanes, heavy rain or snowmelt.

The Dri-Prime Backup System is engaged during loss of primary power (whether from a scheduled outage or natural disaster) or switch gear failure. It is also used during routine pump maintenance or unexpected pump failure.

DBS: Backup pumping instead of backup power

  • 100% pump station redundancy (Capacity and head)
  • Automatic pump priming without operator assistance
  • Optional Flygt N-technology, for sustained efficiency while handling stringy material
  • Automated control system assures cost efficient running
  • Sound attenuation enclosure for quiet operation
  • Flexible fuel options to meet your needs: diesel, natural gas (including propane) or LP vapor
  • Cold weather package for use in freezing conditions
  • Allows for routine pump maintenance on existing equipment, ensuring continuous pumping operation.

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