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GF Piping Systems Highlights New Electric Actuators And Radar Level Transmitters At ACE 2017

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GF-EA 32025 PR

GF Piping Systems will showcase the new digital Electric Actuator Series Type EA25-250 and the Radar Level Sensor at ACE 2017, Booth #1907, June 12-14, at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, PA.

Digital Actuators
The compact Type EA25-250 actuators feature all solid state electronics and powerful functionality that includes limit switches, optical position indicator with LED status monitoring, middle position, and much more as part of the standard package.

“With functions like limit switches and LED indication included as standard, and all of them digitally controlled, customers will really appreciate the ease in set-up and operation as well what is genuinely a seamless replacement,” says Jeffrey Sixsmith, GF Piping Systems Product Manager for Valves & Actuation.

The modular actuators can automate a wide range of ball and butterfly valves in applications such as chemical processing, water treatment and refrigeration. Designed to operate valves with a rotating angle from 90° to 180°, the series delivers nominal torques ranging from 10 to 100 Nm and peak torques ranging from 25 to 250 Nm. A clear display with LED indicators enables fast and easy reading of valve position and actuator status at a glance – whether in low light conditions or from a distance. Other features include fail-safe return, 7-segment error code display, programmable middle position, three position feedback, internal heating element, and chemically resistant polyproplyene housing. Smart accessories are also available.

Radar Level Transmitters
Radar Level Transmitter Types 2290 and 2291 incorporate advanced radar sensing technology designed for high accuracy tank level measurement in a wide range of chemical processing and water treatment applications. The addition of radar technology to the company’s existing ultrasonic and hydrostatic sensors now provides three different level measurement technologies to meet virtually any level requirement.

“Detecting accurate fluid level information is not always easy,” says Dave Vollaire, Instrumentation Product Manager for GF Piping Systems. “Variations in tank shapes, materials, and process conditions can create measurement challenges when using typical hydrostatic or ultrasonic sensing technologies. Our new model 2290 unguided wave radar transmitter and model 2291 guided radar transmitter provide solutions for more complex applications where conventional technologies cannot obtain the accuracy needed to provide consistent fill level information.”

Radar level sensing technology is based on a transit time principle utilizing electromagnetic waves that are unaffected by fumes or gasses. The process media reflects a part of the energy back to the sensor, which allows calculation of a distance value and in turn the level information.

Radar Level Transmitter Type 2290 features non-contact radar technology in a compact, economical unit. Available in a variety of different materials to resist even the most corrosive environments, the 2290’s tank mapping function makes it easy to block out objects like internal pipes, welding seams, stirrers or heating elements. Radar Level Transmitter Type 2291 is designed for continuous level measuring of conductive or non-conductive liquids, pulps or solids and maintains consistent measurement even under extremely tough conditions like turbulent process vessels. Its radar signal is sent down the probe assembly thereby eliminating interferences caused by low dielectric liquids, heavy fumes, conductive foams or internal tank obstructions.

For more information, visit ACE/AWWA Booth #1907

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