Getting Chlorine Disinfection Right

Source: De Nora
Getting Chlorine Disinfection Right

Of all the process considerations facing wastewater treatment operators, disinfection is one of the most important. In this exclusive Water Talk interview, Gary Lohse, Technical Sales Manager, Disinfection with De Nora Water Technologies, discusses how disinfection has become increasingly complex over time. Lohse reviews a host of selection criteria including target microorganisms, control strategies, disinfection by-products, capex and safety.

“You don’t want to be getting violations,” explains Lohse. “Specifically with chlorine, you want to look carefully at the safety aspects of it. You want to make sure you have the proper protection for your operators; automatic shut-offs, scrubbers and up-to-date hazard and risk management plans and training in place.”

Lohse also talked about how disinfection is becoming more of a “multi-barrier” approach where multiple disinfection technologies are used to produce effluent most efficiently. To listen to Lohse’s complete interview, click on the player below: