GDT Mixing & Contacting Systems

GDT Skid

The GDT™ Process starts with the creation of ozone from an Ozone Generator. The ozone is then drawn into a Mazzei®Venturi Injector which provides dynamic mixing (a Back Pressure Control Valve adjusts injector outlet pressure optimizing ozone mass transfer in the system). Then mixing and contacting is enhanced in a Flash Reactor™. From there the two-phase flow travels to the Degas Separator (DS) & Relief Valve for additional mixing and entrained gas removal. And finally, the MTM Mixing Nozzles force dissolved ozone flow into the untreated water in the pipeline or basin for thorough mixing.

Benefits of Mazzei GDT Mixing & Contacting Systems:
Higher Ozone Concentration promotes more ozone being transferred into solution; Lower Gas-to-Liquid Ratio (Vg/Vl) allows for greater ozone mass transfer efficiency; Higher Water Pressure yields increased ozone solubility; and Intense, Forceful Mixing allows for the rapid renewal of the gas-liquid interface—increasing the mass transfer rate and the reaction rate.

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