Case Study

Full Scale Installation: Village Of Antioch, Illinois

Source: WRT - Water Remediation Technology, LLC

Located just south of the Wisconsin border in Lake County, Antioch is a historic community with nearly 14,000 residents. WRT has installed and put into operation two new Z-88® Radium Removal systems in order to lower the amount of radium in the water to a level below the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) requirements, ensuring that the community has safe drinking water.

WRT will also be responsible for the environmentally-safe handling, removing, and shipping of the radium-laden treatment media from the treatment site to a licensed disposal facility. This disposal at a remote facility will prevent the reintroduction of the radioactive contamination back into the local Antioch environment, as can be the case with other treatment technologies.

WRT - Water Remediation Technology, LLC