News | February 8, 2018

FREDsense Technologies Selected By The Build In Canada Innovation Program To Deliver Water Testing Solutions

CALGARY, Alberta - () - FREDsense Technologies Corp. is excited to announce the launch of a project supported by the Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP) through the Federal Government of Canada. FREDsense Technologies is an award-winning Calgary based company building next generation solutions for monitoring water quality in the utility, mining and environmental space. By creating portable hand-held instruments for water analysis, FREDsense is making it easier than ever to understand what contaminants are found in environmental water, allowing operators to better safeguard our environment.

Water quality testing can be costly, require transportation of samples to a lab, and take multiple days. FREDsense provides operators with a portable solution to economically assess the chemicals found in drinking water right at the source, where they can rapidly modify water treatment processes as needed. “Water is our most critical resource and having rapid methods to understand what is in our water, is critical to safeguarding our communities and environment,” says David Lloyd, CEO of FREDsense. FREDsense sees a future where their robust product line measures many types of contaminants.

FREDsense will be working with PSPC’s mine water management team in Sydney, N.S., which oversees the treatment of approximately six billion litres of acidic mine water each year from over twenty former coal mine workings.

The FREDsense innovation will allow the PSPC team to test mine water for levels of iron, manganese and acidity in the field, and access the results within an hour. This will assist the team to make any necessary changes in treatment processes the same day, based on the most current information.

About the Build in Canada Innovation Program
This innovation procurement program helps Canadian innovators get their product to market faster, and helps them succeed in the marketplace, by buying and testing innovations in real-operational settings. Through the program, innovators can sell their per-commercial products or services for testing, but keep the intellectual property and retain all equity in their company. The program pays up to $500,000 for non-military innovations, and up to $1,000,000 for military innovations.

About FREDsense Technologies
FREDsense Technologies is a Calgary based biosensor company looking to revolutionize how to detect what is in our water. FREDsense’s platform technology can be customized to detect various types of chemicals. By creating fast, portable, and cost-effective kits for chemical analysis FREDsense helps water districts, municipalities, and mining corporations de-risk their processes and give them actionable information in minutes instead of days. The company has won numerous awards and been recognized by organizations such as the Environmental Protection Agency as an up and coming technology within the arsenic groundwater space.

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