News Feature | January 3, 2018

Fourth Organ Found At Detroit Wastewater Plant

Sara Jerome

By Sara Jerome,

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Additional organs have washed up at a wastewater treatment plant in southwest Detroit following the discovery of body parts at the same location.

"A body part was brought into [the Wayne County Medical Examiner's Office]," a spokesperson with the office said, per Click on Detroit. "It was determined to be a deer heart."

“The heart was discovered on December 23, just days after a possible human organ was spotted floating at the wastewater plant,” Fox News reported.

“A total of four kidneys and one heart have been found at the Great Lakes Water Authority's Water Resource Recovery Facility on West Jefferson,” according to Fox 2, which cited an unnamed source.

Officials said the organs found at the plant are undergoing testing. Organs were found on December 15, December 16, and December 20, MLive reported.

“Detroit police, who investigated the discoveries, have described them as possible human organs,” MLive reported.

“The suspected organs were found at the Great Lakes Water Authority Water Recovery Facility, 9300 W. Jefferson in Detroit, which opened in 1940 and is the largest wastewater treatment facility in the U.S.,” the report said.

Detroit's water provider, the Great Lakes Water Authority, released a statement after the discovery of the first two organs, Click on Detroit reported. The authority noted that it is unclear where the organs entered the treatment system.

"Staff members immediately notified the Detroit Police Department (DPD), who responded to the scene and took custody of the object. On Saturday, a second object was observed in the same area, and staff followed the same protocol, notifying DPD. We have no further information on what DPD has identified the object to be, or where it entered the wastewater system. This does not affect the water treatment process. We recommend that any further questions regarding the investigation be directed to the DPD," the statement said.

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