Forty-X™ Disc Filter Armor Series - High Solids Loading and Greater Throughput


Evoqua’s Forty-X™ Disc Filter Armor series from the DAVCO™ line combines outside-in and inside-out filtration technologies within one filtration unit.  Influent water flows through an integrated pre-screen (outside-in) to woven stainless steel disc filter panels (inside-out), providing an effective and robust solution for challenging water and wastewater filtration applications.

The integrated pre-screen of the Forty-X Disc Filter Armor series is like “Armor” protecting the disc filter by providing initial filtration of large organic and inorganic materials.  Woven stainless steel disc filter panels continue to improve solids rejection and provide higher throughput versus woven polyester media flat panel designs.  A robust, pressure-assisted seal also allows the panels to sustain and operate at a high headloss.

The modular design of the Forty-X Disc Filter Armor series provides a flexible and dependable filtration solution for tertiary filtration, municipal and industrial reuse/recovery, product recovery, process water filtration, and conventional filter retrofit applications.  

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Evoqua Water Technologies (now part of Xylem)