FONDAG is a pre-blended, high strength, heat resistant concrete designed for heavy industrial applications
FONDAG is a pre-blended, high strength, heat resistant concrete designed for heavy industrial applications. FONDAG is a pure calcium aluminate concrete which contains both calcium aluminate cement and calcium aluminate aggregates. The aggregates within FONDAG are actually composed of the same clinker from which Lafarge grinds the calcium aluminate cement. When FONDAG hydrates, there is not only a physical bond between cement and aggregate, there is also a chemical bond. The aggregates within FONDAG are very hard, dense and non-porous. This combination of physical and chemical bond between cement and aggregate produces a superior concrete capable of withstanding the toughest combinations of thermal cycling, high heat, severe abrasion, mechanical shock and corrosion.

General characteristics of FONDAG include the following:

RESISTANCE TO EXTREME TEMPERATURES AND THERMAL CYCLING: FONDAG is extremely stable at high temperatures and in conditions of severe thermal cycling from ­395°F to +2,000°F (-184°C to +1,093°C). In the same conditions, portland cement based concrete becomes unstable and experiences mechanical and structural failure.

RESISTANCE TO ABRASION AND MECHANICAL SHOCK: FONDAG is a concrete with low porosity and high density, which is 7 to 10 times more resistant to wear than typical 5,000-psi portland cement concrete.

RAPID HARDENING: FONDAG generates high strength at an early stage, with 24-hour compressive strengths of 8,000 psi to 9,000 psi (55MPa to 60 MPa).

COLD WEATHER APPLICATIONS: During hydration, FONDAG generates heat through an exothermic reaction which allows for placement in ambient temperatures as low as 0°F (-18°C) without the expense of winter protection.

RESISTANCE TO CORROSION: FONDAG does not generate free lime during its hydration process, as opposed to traditional concrete. This, combined with its low degree of porosity, enables FONDAG to withstand corrosive environments and dilute chemical situations (pH range of 3.5 to 11).

EASY TO USE, JUST ADD WATER: FONDAG can be mixed and placed with most conventional construction equipment. In the plastic phase, FONDAG appears similar to portland cement concrete. Normal finishing procedures can be followed.

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