Flow Meters: Long-Term Energy Savings, Cost Efficiency, And Low Maintenance

Source: Endress+Hauser, Inc.
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Flow Meters: Long Term Energy Savings, Cost Efficiency, And Low Maintenance

Endress is very well known for instrumentation in several different markets such as chemical, food and beverage, mining, life sciences, and oil and gas, but they are also in the water and wastewater market. Water is a resource that we all need, and it’s very important that we monitor this resource, especially with some of the drought conditions seen in the news today.

Alan Vance, industry marketing manager for water and wastewater at Endress+Hauser, told Water Online Radio in an interview that his company likes to make instruments that help their customers keep track of the water flows, and they want to implement efficient control systems to make sure that they are using the minimum amount of power. “At E+H we are knee deep into that because our sensors and our instruments are the basis to make the measurements,” said Vance.

In the wastewater industry aeration basins consume a large percentage of the power of that plant, so the less those basins are running, the better. The basis of E+H’s instruments making these measurements is to make them repeatable and with a high sense of accuracy... “better measurements mean that a plant can run their blowers a lot less,” said Vance.

Another example of E+H helping customers is the offering of a specific flowmeter developed for biogas. Vance said, “It measures the percent of methane content and they take that into their control system and it gives them a much more accurate system and reduces dependency on that monthly power bill.”

Click the radio player to listen to the full interview and learn more about Endress + Hauser, and the full range of products they offer.

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