FlexNet: Redefining Smart City Communications

FlexNet: Redefining Smart City Communications

Building smart cities takes technology and networking solutions with in-depth views and infrastructure control. The Sensus FlexNet® communication network is a long-range radio network that provides scalable and reliable two-way infra­structure.


  • The highest signal power and range in the industry: Transmit at up to two watts (10 - 1000X more power than devices on unlicensed spectrum), and up to 40 miles from point to point.
  • Consistent, quality communications: A dedicated highway for data transmission makes communication more reliable than systems requiring channel-hopping.
  • Large geographical footprint: FlexNet operates on 900MHz spectrum owned by Sensus, which carries inventory to support future data requirements.
  • Extensive device Support: FlexNet supports a wide variety of devices and meters—even if battery powered, which can be problematic in mesh networks.

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