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On-Site Filtration Services. Best-In-Class Systems
Our team offers an extensive knowledge of contaminants, environmental requirements and regulations, non-hazardous material management and health & safety—enabling us to design solutions to help meet specific project requirements for both temporary and permanent applications. And once in place, our on-site service technicians provide comprehensive support.

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Whatever your needs—vapor & liquid, organic & inorganic, high-flow & low-flow— BakerCorp provides superior solutions. Specialty media applications include activated carbon, ion exchange resins, impregnated media, organoclay, sand and gravel. Our equipment lineup includes high- and low-pressure carbon and specialty media vessels, odor control systems, sand filters, duplex cartridges, bag filters and auxiliary equipment.

From timely delivery, installation, pumping and vacuuming to packaging, transporting, recycling, incineration and disposition, BakerCorp offers a full complement of filtration systems and support services.

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