Filtration Equipment

Source: AqueoUS Vets

​AqueoUS Vets offers a technically superior line of products for various treatment requirements. These advanced technology products include filtration equipment as well as industry leading ion exchange resins and granular activated carbons (GAC). 

Our experience supplying large sized systems for treatment of water using activated carbon technology in California is far greater than any other supplier.

  • Our project management and delivery team has more than 150 years of direct experience designing, fabricating and installing large field erected systems for the treatment of groundwater, process water and waste water with activated carbons. ​
  • Our team has been responsible for design and installation of more than 500 systems over the course of 25 years and introduced owners to leading vessel designs that have now become industry standards.
  • Through partnerships and long standing relationships with proven manufacturers, fabricators, and suppliers, we are able to deliver vessels offering the best in design and material.​

The PF line of pressure vessels are ASME code stamped. The SF line of vessels come skid mounted. All systems are provided with piping and instrumentation for parallel or series operation. Pre-assembly during the fabrication process optimizes field installation. AV’s approach from system concept, design, facility fabrication, pre-delivery assembly, and site installation is unmatched by any other in the industry.