FieldLogic™ Hand-held Device (HHD)


The FieldLogic™ Hand-held Device (HHD) is a reliable, flexible electronic device used to collect and store meter readings and program SmartPoint® modules. You can upload pre-programmed route information from our PC-based FieldLogic software using Wi-Fi or the device’s Ethernet-enabled communications/charging stand as an interface. The unit comes with built-in capacity for expanded uses.

The Model FL6501 lets you enter meter data three ways:

  1. Manually, on its built-in keypad
  2. Electronically, with TouchRead® reading devices
  3. Wirelessly, using CommandLink® or filtered multitone (FMT) transmission

AutoGun options include cable-connected and RF (no cable required) styles. The Model FL6502 includes all features of the FL6501, plus it can read Sensus RadioRead® Meter Transceiver Units [MXUs].

Benefits to you

  • Offers fast, flexible and reliable meter reading
  • Saves reading time and costs
  • Eliminates errors in meter reading and SmartPoint programming
  • Provides a rugged, easy-to-use reading solution
  • Delivers long battery life
  • Delivers GPS and camera all in one unit
  • Offers a clear and easy migration path

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