Brochure | June 30, 2014

Field-Test Program Brochure

Source: Mainsail Global

The program is designed to help understand the proper material technology to support a given application. The entire wastewater treatment process is very formulaic and defined in regard to designing the overall system. What is not defined or formulaic and what is often assumed is that standard or commodity diffuser membrane materials will perform adequately in a given application. No two waste streams are alike and therefore the assumption that the same diffuser membranes will work efficiently in different applications is simply inaccurate. Various diffuser membrane compounds react differently to the chemicals within waste streams. The objective of an FTU is to identify the correct rubber elastomer compound for a given application. The FTU program also offers the opportunity to further develop a long-term relationship for technology advancements and solutions, deliver quantifiable value (predictable costs and timing of service and economic life of a given product), and ensure customer expectations for performance, compliance, predictability, efficiency, and reliability are met.