Festo Pressure Control Valves

Source: Festo Corporation

Pressure sensors and vacuum switches for controlling all pressure values: programmable and as a modular product.

Pressure regulating valve LR, LRMA

  • Regulates operating pressure independently of fluctuating inlet pressure
  • With secondary venting
  • Piston regulating valve with through pressure supply
  • With optional pressure gauge
  • Directly actuated
  • Connections: push-in connector at both ends, thread/push-in connector
  • Greater energy efficiency thanks to movement-specific pressure adjustment


Differential pressure regulator LRL, LRLL

  • Constant pressure differential between the input and output
  • Without secondary exhaust
  • Piston regulating valve with through pressure supply
  • Without pressure gauge
  • Connections: thread/push-in connector on top or at the side