Ferazur®/Mangazur® Biological Filtration Process

Source: SUEZ – Water Technologies & Solutions


Ferazur®/Mangazur® a biological filtration process for the removal of iron, manganese and arsenic from ground water sources. The precipate is removed by using Biolite™ “S”, our specially developed media that requires no replacement. The bacteria remain in the media even after backwashing, allowing continual operation for indefinite time periods.

Contaminants are found in surface and ground waters at varying concentration levels. Even at low concentrations, these metals can cause a host of problems in water, including metallic taste, discoloration, laundry spotting, pipe scaling, and fixture staining.

Conventional plants rely on physical-chemical reactions using special media, intense aeration, or chemical oxidation. Disadvantages of physical-chemical processes include the expense of chemical consumption, the frequent need for backwash, limited filtration rates, time-consuming operation and maintenance, and inconsistent effluent quality.