Features And Benefits Of Plas-Tanks Industries Versus Most Competition

Source: Plas-Tanks Industries, Inc.
  • Integral bottom / monolithic design
  • Intersperse chop with filament winding
  • Plasta-Therm® – efficient heat retention system
  • Longer warranty than industry standard
  • ISO-9001 Certification
  • Utilize the most recent industry specifications: ASTM 4097-01, 3299-00, RTP-1b-2002, & ASME Section X 2002
  • Personable, team-oriented engineering, sales, and operations group
  • Life cycle versus steel competition

Some items in Plas-Tanks Industries offering

  • Fiber-reinforced thermoset resin, corrosion resistant storage and process vessels
    • Vertical and horizontal tanks
    • Cylindrical and rectangular
    • Slope bottoms
    • Insulated
    • Plasta-Therm® thermal retention systems
  • Wet scrubbers
  • Duct work, stacks, tank covers, and numerous accessories
  • Bryneer™ bulk salt brine generating systems
  • Other custom designed corrosion resistant equipment