Features And Benefits Of FRP Versus Metal

Source: Plas-Tanks Industries, Inc.
  • No rust or need for painting or reclading
  • Fewer problems relative to heat, stress, conductivity, and climatic conditions
  • Superior corrosion resistance in many applications versus rubber lined and bare metal
  • Half the price of stainless steel, yet up to 5-10 times longer lasting in very corrosive environments
  • Lightweight – 2/3 the weight of aluminum, ¼ the weight of steel – therefore, easier to handle
  • Recent resin improvements relative to heat, impact, and crack resistance are encouraging extensive use of FRP versus metal by major companies
  • More skid (slip) resistant than metal
  • Significant design freedom
  • Non-conductive (prevents shorting out electrical equipment)
  • Can also be ignition resistant with addition of brominated materials
  • Good insulating material with reasonable thermal expansion properties
  • Can be efficiently heat traced from bottom of tank (Plasta-Therm®)
  • Properly formulated, FRP complies with FDA 177.2420
  • No flammability concerns/hassles with welding
  • Does not leave trace metal contamination in antiperspirants, shampoos, etc...
  • Adhesive strength and elongation of resins can help absorb equipment vibration