Explorer Series Disc Diffusers

Source: Mainsail Global


Our fine-pore, flexible diffusers can reduce facility energy costs by up to 40%. No matter your industry, your custom, chemically-correct solution is built to last and save you money.

Mainsail Global provides customized, durable, and chemically-correct diffusers for any facility. Our Material Chemistry group evaluates and refines membrane materials based on results of water and environmental analytics and product testing. In turn, our pioneering Membrane Technology experts develop diffuser designs optimized for aeration performance and durability in any application, and any environment.

Mainsail Global’s Explorer Series Disc Diffusers are custom-designed with state-of-the-art, proprietary membrane materials and our cutting-edge MicroShield™ Technology, engineered for superior aeration and durability no matter the wastewater market. These fine pore, flexible membrane diffusers are available with multiple membrane perforations to optimize performance, air handling capacity or operating pressure. An integral triple-check valve feature prevents backflow of liquid into the diffuser and piping, and its glass fiber reinforced polypropylene construction offers the utmost durability and environmental resistance. Our advanced MicroShield Technology is also available in our Columbus diffuser membranes. Approved for use by the EPA and allowed by the FDA, MicroShield Technology uses highly active, broad-spectrum biocides to deliver anti-microbial, anti-fungal properties to the elastomeric compound of a given diffuser to protect against degradation.