Experience The Benefits Of Plas-Tanks Industries

Source: Plas-Tanks Industries, Inc.

Capability to Fabricate up to 30' – Shop Built!

Plas-Tanks' state of the art manufacturing facility, located in Hamilton, Ohio, provides the capability to fabricate 30'-0" tall tanks in one piece! Plus, Plas-Tanks Industries will assemble or fabricate your entire vessel onsite. We strive to meet your needs.

Filament-winding Capabilities

The winders we use were designed and fabricated by Plas-Tanks personnel and are not commercially available to competing companies. It is relatively easy and inexpensive to open a fiberglass factory on a small and crude scale. However, it is very difficult for such a company to achieve the funding, the technical and design expertise, and the manufacturing talent necessary to filament wind. The filament winding process provides directed fiber placement, which results in higher strength at a reduced cost per part and illustrates that the fabricator has substance, long-range goals, and a long-term commitment to consistently produce a quality product.

Integral Bottom Reduces Failure

Plas-Tanks utilizes strong reinforcement materials in the knuckle region of the vessel. The reinforcement tapers up the vessel side shell. Additionally, the vessel bottom and knuckle are fabricated as an integral part of the tank. The elimination of a bottom head seam decreases the likelihood of failure in this area due to expansion during fill.

ISO 9001 Certified

Plas-Tanks' commitment to quality continues throughout all phases of design, fabrication and shipment in accordance with the International Quality Standard, ISO 9001. BS EN ISO 9001:2000 requires the company to design, fabricate and ship in accordance with the latest industry standard. In addition, Plas-Tanks fabricated in accordance with the most current editions of ASTM-3299, ASTM-D-4097, and ASME RTP-1. Our quality system insures that the latest revisions to the above specifications be forwarded to Plas-Tanks so that our quality effort remains intact and up to date.

Corrosion Experts

Plas-Tanks applies a wax coat to all internal secondary lay-ups such as the interior laminant of a particular nozzle. Failure to apply such a wax coat leaves the laminant susceptible to corrosion attack.

Hand Lay-up Nozzle Fabrication

Plas-Tanks fabricates its own nozzles, utilizing the hand lay-up method. All nozzles are fabricated with the nozzle flange and pipe stem being integral. Compression molded flanges have less uniformity of glass content through the laminate. More important, the cemented area has greatly reduced physical properties of the same area of all hand lay-up nozzles. This reduction in strength can become obvious very quickly, if the user installs an incorrect durometer gasket or over torques the threaded fasteners.

Top Grade Resins

Plas-Tanks utilizes only the finest grades of Isophthalic polyester and vinyl ester resins from leading industry manufacturers.

The Intersperse Advantage

Plas-Tanks is one of a small percentage of fabricators to use intersperse in its filament winding. This is extremely important for the end user to realize, as intersperse prevents a small crack in the winding from becoming a circumferential tear in the sidewall. Intersperse also provides greater axial strength and rigidity within the structural portion of the basic sidewall.

Our Product Liability Insurance Benefits You

Plas-Tanks carries substantial product liability insurance. This is a very easy method of separating the substantial, progressive companies from the less dependable ones. In the unfortunate event that a client must bring forward a law suit against a manufacturer not carrying product liability insurance, the manufacturer may be thrown into insolvency, thereby, providing little benefit to the customer.

Extended Warranty

Plas-Tanks provides a FULL TWO-YEAR WARRANTY on the Bryneer™ brine maker and a FULL THREE YEAR WARRANTY on storage, process, and mixing vessels. This warranty is indicative of the confidence and commitment Plas-Tanks holds toward its products.

Nationwide Network of Independent Representatives

Plas-Tanks maintains highly trained and educated field representatives throughout its sales area. Our representatives are always available for on site assistance and project consultation.