News | March 1, 2018

Evoqua's New Ionpure VNX Modules Go With The Flow


New flow range extensions to the Ionpure® Continuous Electrodeionization (CEDI) VNX product line deliver maximised pure water output while providing OEM integrators the  potential to use fewer modules or to reduce system footprint.

Without compromising product water quality, the Ionpure VNX-Max module achieves the highest flow rate to date in the VNX range, producing up to  22.7 m3/h (100 gpm). Nominal flow is 15.0 m3/h (66 gpm), offering a 20 percent increase on the next highest output. For applications such as power generation and bulk deionization, Ionpure VNX-Max provides the added capacity to simplify system design, by requiring fewer CEDI units and less space uptake.

With the Ionpure VNX-Mini module, Evoqua has focused on minimising the overall dimensions of the unit while retaining a high flow rate of up to 17.9 m3/h (79.2 gpm). Nominal flow rate is 12.0 m3/h (52.8 gpm)  This allows construction of smaller CEDI skids, per unit of output, for projects where floor space is at a premium and minimizing shipping cost by maximizing system flow per shipping container.

Evoqua’s Global Product Manager for Ionpure CEDI modules, Nick Armstrong adds: “With direct feedback from our yearly survey, while some found our existing high flow modules great for scaling up to bigger systems, others asked for a higher output, size for size. It mostly comes down to the variation in scale of typical end applications.

“By introducing two different, high flow rate options, we know they have greater scope than ever to reduce size, cost and complexity of pure water and ultrapure water plant.”

For ease of ordering both new modules are available bundled with the recently introduced DC3 power controller. This 3-phase switch mode power supply is compact, avoids the need for a separate isolation transformer.

Ionpure VNX-Max modules and VNX-Mini modules are consistent with the full VNX range in featuring a fiberglass housing with an integral FlexmountTM end block for easy assembly and connection. They are guaranteed to give leak-free operation up to 100 psig (7 bar).

The ability to predict VNX-MAX and Mini performance in also incorporated into IP-Pro online.  IP-Pro is a technology leading online program that users globally have adapted to predict CEDI performance and sizing. 

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SOURCE: Evoqua Water Technologies