News | June 29, 2017

Evoqua Introduces New J-Press 630MM System

The J-Press 630 system is the newest member of the J-Press family of filter presses. It is sized at 630 MM and is a fully manual filter press with upgrade options that provide automatic functionality. This J-Press 630 MM system is ergonomically configured for easy operation, maintenance and durability.

It makes the manual dewatering process more user-friendly, easier to operate and simple to maintain.

This JWI brand J-Press system by Evoqua, has a range of improvements that make manually operating a filter press much easier. It has:

  • A 2-phase hydraulic pump system. It‘s easy to handle and maintains pressure.
  • The press opening system is an ergonomic swing arm that moves a spacer securely out of the operator‘s way.
  • Reduced pinchpoints to maintain operator‘s safety.
  • The standard-setting durability and quality of the J-Press family of filter presses. Regardless of the work environment the 630MM will withstand the most demanding conditions.

This specific filter press has been designed to meet the growing need of small- to medium-throughput dewatering processes that require occasional, manual cake disposal.

Ancillary Equipment Options
No matter what the size of your filter press is, you will need to dispose of filter cake. We have many options to assist with your material handling issues, and can design something just for you.

  • Dumpsters - we can provide dumpsters for you to put your filter cakes in for disposal
  • Pump skids - every filter press pumps slurry. The rate at which the slurry flows must be confirured correctly otherwise the process might not work. Our pump skids are designed for your specific filter press
  • Platforms - filter presses are often installed above the cake disposal system. We design and build the platforms on which the presses are installed.

About Evoqua
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Source: Evoqua Water Technologies