EST™ Dry Emergency Gas Scrubber Systems

Source: De Nora

De Nora Water Technologies’ EST™ dry emergency scrubbers are engineered to meet national codes for the mitigation of hazardous gas releases from pressurized 150-pound cylinders and one-ton containers of chlorine, sulfur dioxide, ammonia and other toxic gases. Dry scrubbers are safe, user-friendly, low maintenance systems tested and proven for use in municipal and industrial applications where the potential exists for the accidental release of heavier-than-air hazardous gases.

The EST Type DES dry emergency scrubber is used to scrub the entire contents of an overfilled one-ton container at the exhaust rate of 3000 CFM. For smaller containers like 150-pound cylinders, the EST Type DSH dry scrub house system will exhaust and clean air from the contaminated room at the rate of 400 CFM.