ERM and Puerto Rican Consulting Firm Join Forces to Cover Caribbean

Pedro Panzardi & Associates (PPA) of San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Environmental Resources Management (ERM), based in Exton, Pennsylvania, have joined together to form Panzardi-ERM. The venture will expand the latter firm's services in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean area. ERM is involved internationally as an environmental, health and safety consulting group. PPA specializes in process design, environmental engineering, and U.S. FDA regulatory compliance matters. This Food and Drug Administration regulations experience will strengthen ERM's presence in its worldwide services to pharmaceutical clients.

Pedro Panzardi, appointed as president of Panzardi-ERM, was responsible for the first rotary biological contactor (RBC) and first sequencing batch reactor (SBR) installations as wastewater treatment systems in Puerto Rico. He also introduced the use of an SBR in the first known application of this process to pharmaceutical industry wastewater discharges in the United States. He will oversee a staff of more than 20 qualified, bilingual personnel. ERM can be contacted at: Tel. 800-544-3117; Fax. 215-524-7335.

Edited by Ian Lisk