Equipment Controller EC 531

Equipment Controller EC 531
The EC 531 is an all-in-one solution for control and monitoring of sewage pumping stations with one or two pumps. It offers straightforward control and monitoring via floats or advanced control via a continuous level signal. EC 531 is also equipped with smart VFD control including PID and Best Efficiency Point (BEP), which save energy, and equipment costs.

Main benefits

  • Operates as a standalone control and monitoring unit
  • Minimizes operating costs and energy consumption
  • Increases pumping station availability
  • Easy to use and configure with built-in operator panel
  • Supports all aspects of the LCC (life cycle cost) calculations

Main applications

  • Monitor and control of municipal wastewater pumping stations
  • View alarms, pump status and trends
  • Advanced monitoring including crash log functionality
  • Manually control pumps and change settings

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