Brochure | February 7, 2018


Source: Parkson Corporation

EquaCel® is a unique process that combines two technologies, the Parkson EquaReact® biological system and dissolved air flotation (DAF), to achieve not only flow equalization, but BOD and nitrogen removal in one industrial pre-treatment system for industrial wastewater that contains significant levels of soluble pollutants (i.e. food processing, etc.). The EquaCel® system provides an efficient way to produce a high quality effluent while reducing footprint, energy consumption, and overall capital cost.

Realized Value: 

  • Reduce pumping/mixing equipment 
  • Reduce system footprint with common wall construction 
  • Consistent BOD and Nitrogen removal 
  • Maximize treatment capability 
  • Simple process controls 
  • Improve energy efficiency 
  • Save capital cost