Case Study

Epoxy, Spray-Applied Lining Offer Solution For Damaged Concrete Clarifier

Source: Sauereisen, Inc.

When Resolute Forest Products was determining a solution for rehabilitation and protection of their 50,000 square foot concrete clarifier damaged from mild chemical attack and abrasion from their pulping process they contacted MBI Corexcel, a local corrosion-resistant specialized contractor, for assistance. General Manager - Pierre Fauteux - called Solhydroc, a long tenured distributor of Sauereisen, Inc (USA) products for assistance. Owner Pierre Auger met with Resolute Forest Products personnel months in advance of construction to ensure that the customer would be satisfied with the recommended engineered solution offered. Mr Auger commented “When Mr Neron of Resolute and Pierre Fauteux asked me to provide them with a solution to their clarifier I immediately thought of the Sauereisen products. In my years of association with Sauereisen I knew they could meet the challenges and offer long term service. Their technical service is unmatched in the industry and I felt very comfortable that the customer would be satisfied. Plus, Quebec (Clermont) is a beautiful place to visit in the early summer.”