News | March 7, 2018

EPM And LG Sonic Continue Cooperation To Treat Drinking Water

Treat Drinking Water

Empresas Publicas de Medellin (EPM) and LG Sonic continue to cooperate to treat algae growth in drinking water reservoirs with two new MPC-Buoy projects to be installed in the coming weeks. In 2015, 8 MPC-Buoy systems were installed in drinking water reservoir Embalse la Fe to monitor and control algal blooms.

High temperatures and nutrient overload are favorable conditions for algae to bloom, causing release of toxins in the water and taste and odor problems. To challenge this problem, EPM and LG Sonic will start new algae control projects in two drinking water reservoirs by using ultrasound technology, combined with water quality monitoring, bringing the amount of EPM reservoirs treated by LG Sonic’s ultrasound technology to a total of three.

Improving drinking water treatment

Controlling algae with LG Sonic ultrasound technology in drinking water reservoirs allows drinking water utilities to use their raw water reservoirs at full capacity and reduce chemicals expenses. Furthermore, the improvement in water quality reduces pump and filter run times in the water treatment plant. To control algae in large water reservoirs such as drinking water reservoirs, LG Sonic developed the MPC-Buoy. The MPC-Buoy is a floating, solar-powered system that combines real-time water quality monitoring and ultrasonic sound waves to control algae in lakes and reservoirs effectively.

Multiple systems to treat large water surfaces

Each MPC-Buoy system has a treatment range of 500m in diameter. To treat larger water surfaces, multiple MPC-Buoy systems are installed to provide an algae solution for the complete water surface. The systems communicate with each other and with a cloud-based software, called MPC-View, to provide the most optimal treatment by using water quality data.

About EPM
EPM is a public utility service company located in Medellin, Colombia. EPM consists of 12 companies active in multiple sectors, such as energy, natural gas, and water. EPM provides the treatment of drinking water in ten municipalities in the Aburrá Valley. Since 2015, EPM works with LG Sonic to monitor and control algal blooms in drinking water reservoirs.

Source: Empresas Publicas de Medellin (EPM)