News | July 20, 2021

EPA Settles With Heavy Steel Fabricator Fought & Company Inc. For Federal Stormwater Violations At Tigard, Oregon, Facility

The United States Environmental Protection Agency has settled a series of alleged industrial storm water violations under the federal Clean Water Act by Fought & Company, Inc, located in Tigard, Oregon. Fought & Company, Inc. agreed to pay a civil penalty of $82,000 to resolve EPA’s allegations.

Fought & Company, Inc. fabricates structural steel components for large-scale construction projects such as bridges, high-rises, stadiums, and industrial buildings. During storm events, the facility discharges storm water offsite and into nearby Fanno Creek.

An EPA inspection at the facility in 2019 found Fought & Company, Inc. had a deficient Storm water Pollution Control Plan, failed to properly implement corrective actions and failed to monitor all storm water discharge points.

In addition to paying a civil penalty, Fought and Company, Inc. has agreed to conduct a storm water evaluation period, revise and update its Storm water Pollution Control Plan, and install additional treatment capacity at its facility to address excess zinc discharges. These improvements are expected to improve Fought & Company’s storm water discharge to Fanno Creek. (For additional case details, see the signed Consent Agreement and Final Order)

Managing storm water responsibly at industrial facilities prevents erosion and protects local water quality. Uncontrolled storm water runoff can cause serious problems for people and the environment by introducing polluted water into nearby waters, cause sediment choked rivers and streams; intensify flooding and property damage; reduce fishing and swimming opportunities, and in some extreme cases, threaten public drinking water systems.

Source: Environmental Protection Agency