News | April 1, 2014

ENPAR Awarded Grant To Continue Water Recycle / Reuse Program For The Hydroponic Greenhouse Industry

Dr. Gene Shelp, President and CEO of ENPAR Technologies Inc. ("ENPAR" or "the Company"), is pleased to announce that a grant in the amount of $67,500 has been awarded to the Company as part of the Water Adaptation Management and Quality Initiative (WAMQI). Funding for the WAMQI project has been provided through Growing Forward 2, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative. The program is administered by Farm & Food Care Ontario.

The funding was awarded based on a proposal submission outlining the use of ENPAR's novel water treatment technology for process water recycle and reuse for the Ontario greenhouse industry. Vegetable greenhouses use a soilless hydroponic growing system that involves the supply of nutrients to the growing plants through their water (leach water). Stage One of the testing program was recently completed in a greenhouse in Southern Ontario. Results showed that high removal rates of 'limiters', defined as chemical compounds that gradually accumulate in the recirculating water and are not taken up and used by the plants, can be achieved using the Company's ESD capacitive deionization technology.

The goal of Stage Two of the testing program is to maintain the high levels of limiter removal while achieving high water recovery. In doing so, the proportion of water available within the greenhouse through recycle and reuse will increase, thereby reducing overall fresh water requirements and the need for wastewater disposal. Success in Stage Two will enhance opportunities for recycling and reusing leach water in many greenhouse vegetable, ornamental, and medicinal marijuana grow operations.

"Establishing ESD as a viable option for reuse and recycle applications of this nature becomes significant as water becomes an extremely valuable commodity", stated Dr. Shelp. "The high water recovery with high 'limiter' removal rates and minimal waste would be particularly significant for areas of Canada where water availability becomes scarce during warmer summer months. ENPAR is extremely pleased to work with Farm & Food Care Ontario to develop this application for the benefit our country's plant and food providers."

About ENPAR Technologies Inc.
ENPAR is a "Technology Company" applying its patented and proprietary "Electrochemical Technologies" to the treatment of waste water, desalination water and drinking water contaminated by metals or nutrients, i.e., nitrate/ammonia associated with the mining, metal processing, chemical, agricultural, municipal and waste management sectors. The common shares trade on Tier ll of the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol "ENP".

SOURCE: ENPAR Technologies Inc.