News | July 4, 2018

Enhanced Reverse Osmosis Technology By Toray – ‘Turning Wastewater Into A Viable Resource'

Toray has developed a new low-fouling RO membrane, the TLF Series and commercially launched it in April 2018, featuring low-fouling characteristics to various types of foulants while maintaining high performance at low operating pressure to realize additional cost savings.

The newly launched TLF-400DG, with 30% higher permeability compared to the current models, has better resistance against membrane fouling, leading to reduced cleaning frequency and longer membrane life. TLF’s enhanced durability against cleaning chemicals prevents damage during membrane cleanings, and additionally, lower required feed pressure reduces power consumption throughout its life. Toray will introduce this new product at the upcoming world largest water conference and convention SIWW (Singapore International Water Week) as a Founding sponsor at Booth #B2-R20, which will be held between July 8th to 12th, 2018 at the Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Marina Bay Sands.

Toray, through its extensive R&D activities utilizing its global research and production facilities in Japan, Korea, China, Singapore and the United States, has established core technologies to control the attachment of various foulants contained in water onto the membrane, while maintaining superior rejection and permeability.

Toray has supplied 6 million cubic meters per day capacity worth of low fouling membrane for wastewater treatment application in accumulative basis globally, which is enough to serve 40 million people around the world daily. The serious water shortage and water contamination from rapid industrial growth have become a global issue, and Toray will contribute to solve it with the newly introduced TLF series. TLF series membrane can also contribute to other industrial applications such as ultrapure water or boiler feed water treatment.

Toray, in its "Green Innovation Business Expansion (GR) project", as raised in Toray’s Midterm Plan "Project AP-G 2019", is targeting to expand business segments which can contribute in solving the environment or resources and energy related issues. Expansion of the water treatment membrane business is exactly the core of GR project, and as a leading and comprehensive membrane supplier, Toray is determined to accelerate it to solve the global water issues.

SOURCE: Toray Industries, Inc.