Energy-Saving Technologies Explained: Static Mixers And Heat Exchangers


If you’re not familiar with static mixing and heat transfer, it’s about time for a lesson.

A good place to start is with Komax Systems, Inc., which has been around for 43 years and offers more than 40 mixing and heat transfer products to effectively handle gases, liquids, slurries, sludge, and particulates.

In this interview with Water Online Radio, Komax application specialist Sameer Kshirsager explains how the company’s patented static mixers utilize kinetic energy and therefore require no external power source. They also have no moving, and therefore no maintenance costs.

There are other savings as well, explains Kshirsager:

“Komax has proven in the past that, using our triple-action mixing technology, there has been a pretty good amount of chemical savings. Also, since all of our products are custom-built, we make sure that our line gets the best mixing, along with the pressure drop [the utility’s] system can handle.

“We also have in-house CFD [computational fluid dynamics] capabilities. That way, we can try and test our products for critical mixing and heating requirements.”

The heat exchanger products have been developed based on the R&D that went into the Komax static mixers. The Komax Klean Wall sludge heat exchanger is one such example; the high-pass mixing technology allows solids of up to 50 percent of its line size to pass through the exchanger, imparting turbulence to the pipe vaults and increasing heat transfer efficiency.

Learn more about Komax Systems’ energy-saving technologies by listening to the entire interview below.

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