Article | August 4, 2016

"Energy Neutral" Is More Than Just A Buzzword For WWTPs

Source: KLa Systems
Laura Martin

By Laura Martin,

“Energy Neutral” Is More Than Just A Buzzword For WWTPs

Could all wastewater treatment plants someday become energy neutral? The goal may sound unobtainable, but with the right technology, investments, and innovation it may not be. According to the American Biogas Council, the wastewater sector consumes 22 terawatt hours of electrical energy each year, but has the potential to generate 851 trillion BTU of energy annually. “The wastewater industry could harness that energy and eliminate its net-consumption, generating excess energy for other uses at a competitive price. We have the equipment and processes available and ready for market,” writes the council in a fact sheet called “Energy from Wastewater.”