Emerging Water Loss Regulations Open The Doors For Innovation

Source: GF Piping Systems
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For a long time the focus in the drinking water space has been on water quality. While this is extremely important, there is another pressing water issue that should take the forefront, says Brian Labelle of GF Piping Systems.

“When I read about the emerging water loss regulations in the United States and maybe a shift in focus from quality, there are lots of real and apparent losses in the piping system and like anything else, you  need to measure it and it will improve,” says Labelle.

He sees opportunities for insertion magmeters and paddlewheel type flow sensors for wider distribution and application throughout water delivery systems. Loss can be prevented by increasing the number of measuring points in a system so that a utility knows exactly where there water is going, he says.

In addition to water loss prevention, GF Piping Systems is also entering the algae business. They have released bioreactors made of plastic pipes for algae cultivation.

“There lots of cultivation activity and research and development going there driving some new introductions,” he says.

To learn more about what GF Piping is up to click the link below for the full Water Online Radio interview.

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