Guest Column | January 18, 2022

Emergence Of Smart Irrigation Technologies To Help Overcome Shortcomings Of Conventional Agriculture Practices

By Pragati Pathrotkar


Smart irrigation technology refers to the integration of many scientifically advanced solutions to help in the remote automation and monitoring of the irrigation process. The use of smart irrigation technologies has played a key role in helping the agriculture industry overcome the drawbacks of conventional agricultural practices. 

Controllers Efficacy Crucial To Overall Effectiveness Of Smart Irrigation Systems

Smart irrigation technologies possess sensors, which help to detect the moisture content in the soil. Apart from sensors, some of the other components in smart irrigation technologies include water meters and controllers, which help to analyze nutrient content and salinity levels. The overall effectiveness of smart irrigation systems depends on the efficacy of controllers. 

Several crops such as rice rely heavily on the amount of water content for their growth. These technologies use weather or soil moisture data to understand the irrigation need and can track either local weather conditions or ground water tables.

As a result, smart irrigation systems can adjust watering schedules based on the need of the landscape.

This aspect of smart irrigation systems could help the consumers carry on with their daily routine without worrying about the irrigation process and could fuel the demand for the technology and help in the growth of the overall smart irrigation market. 

Smart irrigation systems can improve irrigation efficiency and maximize it by decreasing the wastewater without damaging the crop quality and health.

The benefits offered by smart irrigation technologies have been found to be long-term and this could fuel the demand for smart irrigation technologies in the future.

Farmers, Agriculturists Receive Training On How To Use Smart Irrigation Technologies

Farmers and other agriculturists have been promoting smart irrigation technologies because of their advantage for optimum usage of water. They are also getting trained on how to use smart irrigation technologies, particularly in developing economies.

By using smart irrigation systems, farmers need not have concerns regarding irrigation and water conservation. 

The trained farmers, who have access to smartphones, have used the device, with inbuilt smart irrigation technology, to keep a track of the irrigation process. This usage could help fuel the demand for the technology and propel the overall smart irrigation market. Smart irrigation technologies are suited for use in both small and large agricultural landscapes.

Technological progress of the agriculture industry is crucial to the growth and development of various developing economies. Many of these countries are looking to overhaul their existing agricultural methods and incorporate smart technologies to yield better results. 

Asia Pacific Anticipated To Witness Fastest Growth In Smart Irrigation Market In Future

Asia Pacific, excluding Japan, is anticipated to witness the fastest growth in the overall smart irrigation market. This is because countries such as China and India are looking to adopt and integrate smart irrigation technologies at a rapid pace. It is anticipated that key players in the smart irrigation market will explore this region for future growth opportunities. 

As per a TMR report, Europe will account for 25 percent of the overall share in the future smart irrigation systems market. 

The smart irrigation market in North America exceeded its projected valuation by more than a quarter of a billion dollars in 2017. 

The report also suggests that the developed economies could benefit significantly, in terms of revenue, by adopting smart irrigation technologies. 

The global smart irrigation market is extremely competitive. Some of the leading players in the smart irrigation systems market include The Toro Company, Hunter Industries Inc., Racho Inc., HydroPoint Data Systems Inc., and Rain Bir Corporation.

Smart Irrigation Market Players Conducting R&D Activities To Improve Existing Technologies

Key players in the smart irrigation market have been conducting research and development activities to try and make further improvements to the existing technologies. 

Market players will hope that the integration of automation and the Internet of Things (IoT) will prove beneficial and continue to improve current technologies.

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