EcoSorb® Activated Carbons for Air Treatment

Source: Jacobi Carbons Inc.

EcoSorbĀ® Activated Carbon

The EcoSorb® range of activated carbons are proven gas phase adsorbents which are used extensively in solvent recovery, air treatment and process gas purification.  EcoSorb® coal based activated carbons are supplied as both cylindrical extruded pellets and irregular shaped granules, whereas coconut shell products are available in granular form only.

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Industrial process gas streams will often require purification to prevent the poisoning of down-stream catalysts or in order to meet specification requirements. Adsorption of organic contamination from the process gas takes place in deep packed bed columns of EcoSorb® activated carbon, designed to meet the required gas purity and adsorption cycle times. Desorption of the organic contaminants is often made by reducing the pressure of the system, or using a hot gas such as steam or nitrogen.

Used throughout the automotive industry, EcoSorb® products from Jacobi Carbons have been demonstrated to be premium products for efficient removal of airborne pollutants. In addition, the EcoSorb® FX series of activated carbons are an intrinsic component in petrol-engined vehicles as part of the Evaporative Loss Control Device (ELCD). In the air treatment process the EcoSorb® activated carbon is packed into thin bed filters which can be constructed from perforated sheet metal or moulded plastic. These filters can take the shape of annular cylinders, flat panels or pleated cells that are fixed into filters housings.

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