News | July 9, 2019

Eastern Technologies Inc Announces The Release Of BOD Buster ER

A viable chemical option for immediate BOD control in wastewater

Eastern Technologies Inc announced the release of BOD Buster ER. This technology provides operators of waste treatment facilities immediate relief from elevated BOD conditions without capital-intensive upgrades to their plant. The technology is initially being sold as BOD Buster ER and it is immediately available in totes and drums for resale under private labeling.

“The BOD Buster technology is the perfect chemical alternative to wastewater facilities struggling to maintain oxygen levels and BOD permit limits,” said James Booth, Director of Sales and Marketing at Eastern Technologies Inc. “In addition to lowering the BOD in the outfall, the results of field-testing show a reduction of TSS and phosphate levels. BOD Buster ER is the answer for facilities that have intermediate or constant BOD levels above permit level.”

Positive Customer Impact
Many customers have already benefited from deploying BOD Buster ER. A food processor located in southeastern USA utilized BOD Buster ER to reduce BOD and TSS levels by 30%. The associated reduction in surcharges provided an ROI of 3 months. A large poultry processor located in southern USA replaced the alum application with BOD Buster ER as part of a switch to an all-organic wastewater treatment program. The change enabled the plant to eliminate $300k/year in disposal charges by rerouting their solids to an onsite rendering plant. The ROI was less than 1 year.

BOD Buster ER
The release of BOD Buster ER is part of Eastern Technologies’ commitment to provide products and services to its customer network to support their success. Samples of BOD Buster ER are now available for bench testing and trials.

About Eastern Technologies Inc.
Founded in 1986, Eastern Technologies Inc is a supplier of specialty chemicals for the water treatment market designed to treat boiler systems, cooling systems, and wastewater systems. Eastern Technologies Inc is the licensed manufacturer of BOD Buster ER.

Source: Eastern Technologies Inc