News | January 26, 2015

Duke Energy's Novo Project

Source: Trihedral Engineering Limited
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Duke Energy’s Premier Power selects Affinity Automation to design and install on-site generation SCADA system at Novo Nordisk in Clayton, NC. Affinity Automation will be integrating a Trihedral’s VTScada solution to monitor and control electrical equipment such as standby generators, uninterruptible power supplies and power distribution switchgear. “This is a very exciting project for Affinity Automation”, says Allan Evora, President. “Power management and control is one of our core competencies. We had to think outside of the box to address the project’s unique requirements. We also had to mobilize our team within a very short time frame”. 

Equipment integrated include: Kohler generators, Caterpillar generators, Liebert NXL UPSs, Schweitzer Engineering Labs protective relays and meters, Woodward controllers and electrical switchgear. Duke Energy is the largest electric Utility in the United States. Novo Nordisk is a premier manufacturer of pharmaceutical products and services. Affinity Automation designs, integrates and installs power and energy SCADA systems.

Instantly Intuitive HMI SCADA Software - Creating great SCADA applications should be easy. We designed VTScada to make you productive in an hour, with instantly intuitive tools and a unique architecture that integrates all core SCADA software components in a single, easy-to-use package. 28 years of dedication, one outstanding product.

About Affinity Automation
Founded in 2002 as a systems integrator that specialized in electrical power management systems (EPMS). Our many successes integrating systems at manufacturing plants and critical facilities resulted in the growth of our company in terms of company size and scope of services. Because of our extensive SCADA background and strong partnerships with mechanical and electrical contractors, we quickly experienced success as a SCADA systems integrator for central energy plants. We quickly leveraged our knowledge of temperature control systems to expand our services to commercial buildings and enterprise energy management systems. Along the way, Affinity Automation also developed some solutions of our own. Utilitrend is a cloud-based energy tracking, trending and reporting software that works with any non-proprietary meter and allows a user to view their energy information from anywhere using solely a browser, no plug-ins required. Utilipack is a portable multiple circuit meter that can be quickly deployed to analyze up to 8 loads in a building and can be used stand-alone or connected to Utilitrend or several other brands of energy management systems. After 10 years of being in business, we examined our strengths, surveyed the market, and have thought critically about how Affinity Automation can deliver the best value proposition to our customers and our partners. The result is that we are now more focused on being the best systems integrator of power and energy management systems.

SOURCE: Trihedral Engineering Limited

Trihedral Engineering Limited