News | June 26, 2014

Dow TEQUATIC PLUS Fine Particle Filter Proves Effective In Multiple Customer Applications

Successful Pilots Show Technology Satisfies Needs of Customers in China

After its launch less than a year ago, TEQUATIC™ PLUS fine particle filter from Dow Water & Process Solutions (DW&PS), a business unit of The Dow Chemical Company, is already proving its value to customers across multiple applications in China.

With its patented design, the TEQUATIC PLUS filter combines the power of continuous cleaning, cross-flow filtration with centrifugal separation and solids collection into one device, and has stepped up to the challenge of effectively treating difficult water.

Unlike other technologies, the TEQUATIC PLUS filter allows customers to consistently filter high and variable solids while achieving a water recovery that’s typically 99 percent or more.

“The TEQUATIC PLUS filer is enhancing the benefits for customers through reduced maintenance, fouling and backwash cycles,” said Dr. John Patrin, global marketing manager of the Filtration Business Unit of DW&PS. “These benefits can lead to high uptimes and lower labor and consumables costs, all of which contribute to lower operational expenses.”

Applications include industrial wastewater treatment and reuse, produced water for oil and gas, desalination and industrial water treatment. Vertical markets range from food and beverage and pulp and paper to textile and laundry.

“After its introduction into the Chinese marketplace last year, the TEQUATIC PLUS fine particle filter has seen success with customers across the country,” said Christina Fang, Greater China commercial director for DW&PS. “The filter has enabled higher recovery of valuable solids in the water, reduction of solids along with cost and maintenance reductions.”

Tobacco Fiber Recovery Success

A tobacco facility in Guangdong, China, implemented TEQUATIC PLUS filter, fitted with a 30-micron screen, upstream of the vacuum plate filter to help recover tobacco fibers prior to wastewater discharge. The facility was experiencing high operating expenses due to fiber losses of more than 50 percent, increased wastewater treatment costs due to high fiber and total suspended solids (TSS) content, and energy loss due to hot water discharge.

  • Results
    • Recovery of fiber greater than 80 percent – a 30 percent improvement
    • Reduced cost of wastewater treatment and energy
    • Reduced maintenance of downstream assets

Fermentation Liquid Purification from Wine

When using press filters to treat water containing high TSS levels, a customer in Shandong, China, was experiencing fermentation solids losses in liquid purification from wine and high operating costs. To solve this issue, a TEQUATIC PLUS filter, fitted with a 30-micron screen, was installed.

  • Results
    • Recovery of valuable particles and therefore, minimized plant expenses

Pulp & Paper White-Water Fiber Testing

After experiencing low fiber recovery and fouling of downstream assets in water containing TSS levels of 1,200 mg/L, a pulp and paper manufacturer in Jiangsu, China added the TEQUATIC PLUS filter, fitted with a 30-micron screen, to improve performance.

  • Results
    • Recovery of more than 80 percent of fibers
    • Reduced fouling in the downstream ultrafiltration equipment and therefore, reduced maintenance costs associated with cleaning, and reduced down time

The TEQUATIC PLUS filter is produced by Clean Filtration Technologies LLC (“CFT”), a wholly owned subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company. The filter requires minimal filter changes and chemicals which helps customers reduce the footprint of their operations through less disposal, minimal handling and less space along with potential energy efficiencies. Adept at handling solids from 1 to 10,000 mg/L without frequent filter changes, TEQUATIC PLUS filter is a breakthrough technology that treats tough water reliably, consistently and cost-effectively.

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