Double Containment Piping Systems And Other Innovations From WEFTEC 2014

Source: GF Piping Systems

In this exclusive Water Online video from WEFTEC 2014, Brian LaBelle of GF Piping Systems discusses the breadth of the Company’s product portfolio from pipe, fittings and joining technology to manual and actuated valves, sensors and instrumentation.

In particular, LaBelle discusses the Company’s new pressure regulating valves. The valves feature zero exposed metal to cut down on corrosion from sodium hypochlorite and the like in highly corrosive wastewater applications.

LaBelle also demonstrates a new double containment piping system called Double C. ”It's a PVC by PVC, or a CPVC by PVC, or a CPVC by CPVC vinyl double containment piping system,” states LaBelle, “meaning the primary can be either material, and the secondary can be either material.”