Dosing Skid System (DSS)

Source: Grundfos

Fast and Easy Solution to Chemical Feed Systems
Grundfos Dosing Skid Systems (DSS) are designed to feed liquid chemicals from a supply source (usually tank or drum) to an injection point.

Grundfos DSS range from pre-engineered, standard one, two and three pump systems, to custom systems with multiple pumps and tanks all piped on a common skid complete with controls.

At the heart of each DSS is the Grundfos metering pump: hydraulically actuated and mechanically actuated pumps including SMART Digital Dosing pumps with stepper motor technology offering up to 3000:1 flow turndown.

Grundfos Know-How

Using our products and our knowledge in engineering, we have been building installations for more than 10 years, ensuring the complete sequence of chemical processes in water technology: disinfection, flocculation, pH correction and water conditioning.

Standard Dosing Skid System

Standard DSS are pre-engineering systems designed for easy installation and offer a fast 5-day shipment. The available options satisfy a wide range of applications.  

  • Grundfos SMART Digital Dosing pumps 
  • One, two and three pump system
  • Panel: junction, HOA, plug only, none
  • Control cables: analog/pulse/stop input, relay output, analog output
  • Pipe: PVC/CPVC/SS tubing  
  • Gasket materials: EPDM/Viton/Teflon
  • Pulsation dampener (with or without)
  • Floor and wall mount

Custom ETO Dosing Skid Systems

Grundfos understands that there are applications and installations that require a completely unique Engineered to Order (ETO) solution for project based work. The custom DSS may be constructed in nearly any configuration and include any dosing pump offered by Grundfos. The Custom ETO systems are reliable solutions built with Grundfos quality and sure to meet your project needs.