Disinfection Solutions From De Nora

Source: De Nora

Daryl Weatherup, Managing Director at De Nora Water Technologies, gives an overview of De Nora's updated disinfection offerings, including its CAPITAL CONTROLS MCP ozone generator, CAPITAL CONTROLS Chlorinator, and ClorTec onsite hypochlorite generator. In the CAPITAL CONTROLS line, the mid-sized MCP can produce 100 g/hr or 10 lbs/day of ozone, while the compact, floor-standing chlorinator has a capacity of 3,000 lbs/day. For hypochlorite generation, the multi-cell ClorTec DN Gen II delivers up to 150 lbs/day in an open, robust design with all-new instrumentation. In this video, Weatherup describes the unique characteristics of each product, which are also available in scaled-up versions for larger applications.