Source: Bilfinger Water Technologies


The disc diffuser ROEFLEX® stands out for its simple and robust design. It consists of a unique, convex shaped support disc. The disc is covered by a flexible, slotted membrane of elastomer, a ring secures the membrane in place. Due to the disc’s unique convex shape the membrane is slightly lifted off the disc when air is supplied, therefore allowing an even distribution of the generated fine bubbles. The membrane can be delivered in different rubber (EPDM) qualities and slot patterns (HL, SL) according to the application.

The disc diffuser ROEFLEX® is easy to install and can be mounted in two ways – with R ½ in thread or with an adapter pin. The version with R ½ in thread is fixed to the distribution pipe by an inside thread, the version with the adapter pin is fixed with an EPDM-plug into a drill hole in the distribution pipe. Thanks to these fastening systems the disc diffuser ROEFLEX® reduces both installation and operating costs.

Key Features

  • High Oxygen Transfer Rate
  • Low Pressure Loss
  • Approved Design
  • Easy and Quick Assembly
  • Integrated Check Valve
  • 25 Years of Experience