Directly Actuated Solenoid Valve VZWD

Source: Festo Corporation

Ideal for high pressures with low flow rates, the VZWD diaphragm valve operates without differential pressure at up to 90 bar, even in closed media circuits.

The valve seat is raised by the actuator alone. A closing spring holds the valve closed, with the support of the pressure of the medium. In cases of pressure loss, a normally closed function closes the valve automatically. The maximum pressure range for the medium to be controlled is governed by the ratio of the valve seat size and the solenoid used.

The advantages at a glance 

  • Can be operated with water, air and neutral media
  • Valve will switch at any pressure from 0 bar to the maximum operating pressure of the valve
  • Operation unimpaired by light levels of dirt
  • Ideal for applications in closed media circuits in factory and process automation
  • Integrated N/C function